Friday, December 10, 2010

They Were In A Battle Before They Mustered

The 14th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry was mustered into the Union Army, December 10th 1861 for three years.

Organized at Camp Wallace near Louise, Kentucky, the 14th Kentucky Infantry was mustered in December 10th 1861 for a three year enlistment. They were under the command of Colonel Laban Theodore Moore. The 14th saw action before mustering in at Ivey’s Mountain on November 8th 1861 on the border of Virginia. They were active through out the war mostly in the western theater. The 14th was ordered to join General William Tecumseh Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign, were they participated in the actions; until moving against Confederate General John Bell Hood in Alabama and Tennessee. The 14th saw losses of 201 men during the war, 49 enlisted and 5 officer where killed, and 142 enlisted and 5 officer died from disease. The 14th mustered out of service September 15th 1865 at Louisa, Kentucky.


Laurenisajedihaha said...

Hi! I stumbled across this blog doing some research on an ancestor of mine who served in the 14th KY regiment and I found this picture. I didn't think anything of it until I saw the date of enlistment and it's the same as my 4th great grandfather's. He would have been in his mid 30s at the time of this picture and I have a picture of him when he's much older with one of his sons. I started comparing it with the men here that don't seem to have a name attached and there's one that jumps out at me, it's the second to last one on the right with the x mark above his head in the back row. Maybe it's just from the distance and resolution that makes this one and mine eerily similar, but I was wondering where you got this picture? I'm quite curious to know more about it if there is anything else to know about it! Hope to hear from you soon!

LivingInVermont said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to answer this. The photo I used was from off the KY Historical Society web site.

I love your story and hope you find more information.

Tom Mealy said...

is this a reunion after the war or is it on the date listed?