Sunday, December 26, 2010

Driving Pro-Union Indains Out Of The Territory

The Trail of Blood on the Ice, or the Battle of Chustenahlah fought December 26th 1861 was a Confederate fight to drive 9,000 Union supporting Indians out of Oklahoma.

Confederate soldiers under the command of Colonels James McQueen McIntosh and Douglas Hancock Cooper planed an attack on Union friendly Creek and Seminole Indians led by Chief Opothleyahola. The attack on the Indian camp at Chustenahlah, was to be two pronged.

McIntosh with 1,380 men left Fort Gibson. On December 25th 1861 he heard from Cooper that he would be on his own. Even thought McIntosh was out numbered he decide to attack the next day. The Confederates assaulted the Indians camp about noon December 26th 1861. Three Confederate Regiments the 3rd Texas, 11th Texas, and 6th Texas advanced on about 1,700 Union supporters. The Indians fell back slowly until the reached their camp, where they tried to make a stand, but gave way about 4 pm, the retreat turning into a rout. The survivor fled from Chustenahlah, Oklahoma Territory making their way to Fort Row, Kansas. Confederate Colonel Stand Watie and his three hundred Cherokees attacked the fleeing Union sympathizers, another 2,000 died from disease and exposure before reaching safety.

The Confederate claimed a victory. They lost 9 killed and 40 wounded.

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