Friday, December 31, 2010

Fight Front And Back

The Battle of Parker’s Cross Roads was fought in Henderson County, Tennessee December 31st 1862.

Union Brigadier General Jeremiah C Sullivan with two brigades under the commands of Colonels Cyrus L Dunham and John W Fuller were trying to keep Confederate Brigadier General Nathan Bedford Forrest from re-crossing the Tennessee River. Forrest was trying to get back from West Tennessee after his raid to cut the railroad. Around nine on the morning of December 31st 1862 the two sides meet at Parker’s Cross Road and began skirmishing. Forrest took up position along a wooded ridge and with the Confederate artillery got the advantage. Dunham’s brigade repelled several attacks to their front and flanks suffering heavy casualties.

Forrest sent Dunham a demand for surrender during a lull in the fighting. Dunham refused and was getting ready for the next Confederate attack when Fuller’s brigade arrived. Fuller’s men surprised the Confederates and made an attack on their rear. Forrest changed fronts attacking Fuller, then changed fronts again rushing past Dunham’s brigade. The Confederates withdrew to the south to Lexington, Tennessee, crossing the Tennessee River. The Union lost about 237 men, while the Confederates saw 500 killed, wounded, or missing.

I would also send you to this web site for more information, The Parker's Crossroads Battlefield Association

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