Thursday, December 23, 2010

In The Face Of Heavy Fire

Union Army Colonel and Medal of Honor recipient Thomas Orville Seaver was born December 23rd 1833.

Thomas Orville Seaver was born December 23rd 1833 in Cavendish, Vermont. He attended the Green Mountain Academy in Woodstock, Vermont. Seaver was accepted to Tufts University in 1855, but left after a year to attend the Vermont Military Academy at Norwich University. Seaver left Norwich before graduating, completing his education at Union College.

At the start of the Civil War Seaver joined the Union Army as a Captain of Company “F” in the 3rd Vermont Infantry. Seaver would raise in rank to Colonel by January 13th 1863. He received his Medal of Honor for valor during the Battle of Spotsylvania, May 10th 1864, when he led three regiments in the face of a heavy fire attacking and occupying Confederate works.

Following the war Seaver settled in Cavendish, Vermont where he would become a Public Defender, and Probate Court judge. Seaver died from a heart attack July 11th 1912 in Woodstock, Vermont.

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