Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Surrendered With A Receipt

The Confederate Florida State Militia took position of Fort Marion in St Augustine, Florida on January 7th 1861, three day before the state seceded from the Union.

Twenty-five Florida State Militia from the town of Fernandina, Florida captured Fort Marion on January 7th 1861 from one lone Union Army Sergeant.  The Sergeant wouldn’t surrender the Fort until he given a receipt.  All but five of guns located at the Fort were moved to other Confederate forts.  Three days later the state of Florida seceded, but the news didn’t reach St Augustine until January 12th 1861.  The town celebrated by raising flags, ringing church bells and firing church bells, followed that night with a torchlight parade.

Fort Marion and the town of St Augustine was reclaimed by Union Marines and Navy, who landed unopposed from the USS Wabash and USS Mohican on March 11th 1862.

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