Monday, January 20, 2014

An Early Memorial

The Soldiers Monument in Bristol, Connecticut was placed on January 20th 1866, one of the earliest memorials.

The Bristol Soldier’s Monument Committee was formed in 1865.  With the suggestion of Josiah F Peck Sr, the committee set out to get a contribution of $1.00 from every member of the town of Bristol, Connecticut.  There were 3500 people living in Bristol, but not all were able to give money, and so a subcommittee made up of seven women and six men organized a Strawberry Festival to supplement the needed funds.  An agreement was reached October 16th 1865 with James G Batterson of Hartford, Connecticut to furnish and erect the Soldier’s Monument.  Peck purchased the land for the monument, completed a foundation and provided the transportation for the monument.

The Soldier’s Monument is located on a hill in West Cemetery, in Bristol.  It is six feet six inch at the base and is twenty five feet high, made out of Brown Portland Stone.  There is an inscription which dedicates the monument to the soldiers who fought and died for their country from the town of Bristol.  There is an eagle at the top of the monument.  It was placed on January 20th 1866.

The monument was rededicated by the town of Bristol on May 30th 1988.

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