Monday, January 28, 2013

To Replace The National Flag

The flag adopted by the Confederate State of South Carolina on January 28th 1861 had a white palmetto tree on a blue background.

South Carolina has had a flag since 1765 when the opponents of the British Stamp Acts carried one in protest with three white crescents on a blue background.  In 1861 the people of the state added the palmetto tree, symbolizing the use of the tree by Moultrie during the Revolution, which with sand laid over withstood British cannons.

It was decided after many designs that the Republic of South Carolina would replace the national flag.  It would have a blue background with an upward facing crescent.  The South Carolina General Assembly added a golden palmetto tree encircled by a white background.  This flag became known as the two day flag as the gold palmetto was changed two days latter to a plain white tree on January 28th 1861.  It was this flag which was raised over Fort Sumter April 14th 1861 when the fort surrendered to Confederate General PTG Beauregard.

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