Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carrying Out His Duties Bravely

Union Navy Landsman Richard Stout was awarded the Medal of Honor for his action on January 30th 1863 on board the USS Isaac Smith.

Richard Stout was born 1836 in New York.

He was a Landsman serving in the Union Navy during the Civil War.  On January 30th 1863 Stout was on the USS Isaac Smith in the Stono River in South Carolina when it was attack by a Confederate force.  As the ship was under attack Stout was wounded in action.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor on April 16th 1864.

Stout died August 6th 1896 in New York.  He is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Owego, New York.

His Citation reads: Serving on board the U.S.S. Isaac Smith, Stono River, 30 January 1863. While reconnoitering on the Stono River on this date the U.S.S. Isaac Smith became trapped in a rebel ambush. Fired on from two sides, she fought her guns until disabled. Suffering heavy casualties and at the mercy of the enemy who was delivering a raking fire from every side, she struck her colors out of regard for the wounded aboard, and all aboard were taken prisoners. Carrying out his duties bravely through this action, Stout was severely wounded and lost his right arm while returning the rebel fire.

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