Friday, August 24, 2012

Fight Manfully For Our Just And Holy Cause

Eli Lilly was elected Captain August 24th 1862 of Lilly’s Hoosier Battery, or the 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery.

The 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery was formed by Eli Lilly an Indianapolis, Indiana pharmacist.  He recruited for the Battery from around the city and among his friends and classmates.  He posted recruiting posters around the city that said “fight manfully for our just and holy cause.”  The 18th had six ten pounder Parrott’s that were manned by 150 men.  The unit mustered in in Indianapolis and Lilly was elected Captain August 24th 1862.  The 18th was commanded by Union Colonel John T Wilder.  They enlisted for three years becoming a part of the Army of the Cumberland and saw action at the Battles of Hoover’s Gap, Second Chattanooga, Chickamauga and others.  The 18th had 12 men killed in battle and another 31 die from disease.

If you’re interested in more information The 18th Indiana Light Artillery  is a good place to look.

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