Monday, February 3, 2014

Slowing The Union Movement

MG Francis P Blair
A part of Sherman’s Carolina Campaign, the Battle of Rivers’ Bridge was fought on February 3rd 1865.  This battle is also known as Salkehatchie River and Owen’s Crossroads.

Confederate Major General Lafayette McLaws had about 1,200 men posted on the crossings of the Salkehatchie River.  Union soldiers arrived at the river on February 2nd 1865 and began to build bridges in order to bypass McLaws’ troops.

The next day February 3rd 1865 Union Major General Francis P Blair took two brigades, and march them through the swamp in order to flank the Confederates.  McLaws stalled the Union movement for one day, fighting from behind earthen fortifications, burning the bridges and planning an ambush, before drawing his troops off toward Branchville.

Out of the 6,200 soldiers involved, there were about 262 men killed many of whom drowned in the swamp before help could reach them.


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