Friday, February 7, 2014

He Gave All To The Confederacy

The brother of John Allen Wilcox, General Cadmus Wilcox
Mississippi and Texas politician John Allen Wilcox, the brother of Confederate General Cadmus Wilcox, died February 7th 1864.

John Allen Wilcox was born April 18th 1819 in Greene County, North Carolina, the son of Ruben and Sarah (Garland) Wilcox.  It appears that he was raised and received an education in Tipton County, Tennessee.  Wilcox was living in Mississippi when he started in politics.  During the Mexican American War he served in the 2nd Mississippi Infantry as their Lieutenant Colonel.  Following the war he returned to his law practice in Aberdeen, Mississippi.  In 1850 Wilcox was elected to the United States Congress from Mississippi.  When he was defeated in his run for a second term, he moved in 1853 to San Antonio, Texas.

When Texas began talking of secession, Wilcox was selected as delegate to the Texas Secession Convention in 1861.  He was elected to the First Confederate Congress in November 1861.  He traveled to Richmond, Virginia where he was a strong supporter of President Jefferson Davis’ policies, and helped in getting the Texas Brigade organized.  After his term in Congress was over, Wilcox joined the army as an aide to Major General John B Magruder, and served at the Battle of Galveston.

Wilcox was elected from Texas to the Second Confederate Congress.  Before he could be seated, he died February 7th 1864 in Richmond, Virginia of what is supposed to be apoplexy.  He is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.  Wilcox’s funeral was attended by the whole Confederate Congress.  As his entire estate was valued at only $275, his brother Confederate General Cadmus M Wilcox a lifelong bachelor provided a home for his wife and raised his two young children.

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