Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Well Built Tug

Rear Admiral Francis Gregory
The USS Buckthorne was purchased for the Union Navy December 22nd 1863.

The USS Buckthorne was a wooden hulled screw steamer, outfitted with one mast, she was 87 feet long.  She was built in East Haddam, Connecticut, and was purchased for $26,500 from George W Jewett on December 22nd 1863 by Union Rear Admiral Francis Gregory.  The Buckthorne was commissioned April 7th 1864 at New York City under the command of Lieutenant W Godfrey.

The Buckthorne was well built and was placed in service as a tug.  She served as a part of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron and was present during the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5th 1864.  She was used to carry dispatches and as a tender for the rest of the fleet.

When the war ended the Buckthorne was moved to the Pensacola Navy Yard.  She was sold for $3,000 on September 7th 1869.

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