Friday, April 5, 2013

Killed By A Man He Shot

Confederate John W Mobley was killed April 5th 1865 when he was ambushed by a group of Loudoun Rangers.

John W Mobley was born June 1st 1844 near Neersville, Virginia.

Mobley enlisted September 15th 1862 to fight the Civil War in Company A of the 35th Virginia Battalion a cavalry unit known as White’s Comanches, from Hillsboro, Virginia.  The first major combat he was involved in was the Battle of Brandy Station on June 9th 1863, where his horse was shot from under him.  Mobley was riding with Mosby’s Ranger during a skirmish at Waterford, Virginia on May 17th 1864, in which he wounded one of the Loudoun Rangers, a Charles Stewart, shooting him in the face.  Then there was an attack on November 10th 1864 on a supply wagon moving from Charles Town, and on November 19th 1864 Mobley led the 35th against some Union Dragoons in the central West Virginia area.  Working as a scout he led the advance on January 17th 1865 in the George’s Schoolhouse Raid.

On April 5th 1865 that same Loudon Ranger; Charles Stewart who Mobley had shot at Waterford the year before, along with a group of other Loudoun Rangers, ambushed Mobley.  He was killed just outside of Lovettsville, Virginia near Luther H Potterfield’s barn.

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