Monday, March 25, 2013

Facing A Heavy Column

The Battle of Brentwood was fought March 25th 1863 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Brentwood was a station on the Nashville & Decatur Railroad and was held on the morning of March 25th 1863 by Union Lieutenant Colonel Edward Bloodgood and his 400 men.  On that morning a heavy column under the command of Confederate Brigadier General Nathan Bedford Forrest was closing in on the town.  Forest had sent his 2nd Brigade under the command of Colonel JW Starnes, the day before to take up railroad track, and cut the telegraph lines.

Bloodgood learned of Forrest’s movements about 7am on March 25th when a messenger informed him that Forrest was about attack.  He tried to send a message to Union superiors only to find the telegraph not working.  Forrest demanded that Bloodgood surrender, but he refused.  Forrest then had his artillery open on the Union position, and he very quickly surrounded Bloodgood and his men.  Bloodgood was forced to surrender, causing a loss of the railroad to the Union.  Bloodgood had about 305 casualties, while Forrest only reported the lost 6 men.

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