Friday, February 15, 2013

A Short Fight

Gen George Dibrell
As the Civil War wore down the Battle of Congaree Creek was fought February 15th 1865 in Richland County, South Carolina.

The Battle of Congaree Creek fought February 15th 1865 just south of Columbia in Richland County, South Carolina, lasted just four hours.  It was fought between a force of the Confederate and Union’s Army of Tennessee.  The two side meet along an earthwork built near the Old State Road Bridge where it crosses the Congaree Creek.

Confederate General George Dibrell manned the earthworks with artillery, infantry and dismounted cavalry.  Union General Charles Woods, commanding the First Division of the XV Corps, pushed out skirmishers along the front, while he sent a brigade upstream to try to turn the Confederates right flank.  Dibrell was forced to pull out of the earthworks.  He retreated to Columbia, but not before setting the Old State Road Bridge on fire.

The Union troops were able to put the fire out on the bridge.  Union General William T Sherman advance and on February 17th 1865 the city of Columbia surrendered to him.

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Anonymous said...

Last year while researching Confederate veterans in Columbia I happened across the grave of a soldier buried behind my own church in downtown Columbia. It took some time because the gravestone didn't provide his unit or home state, but I finally was able to determine that he had been a member of the 9th Kentucky Cavalry and had been wounded at Congaree Creek and had died a couple of weeks later in a Columbia hospital. Since then I've wondered how many men died at largely forgotten skirmishes and minor battles, and were buried far from home.