Saturday, December 29, 2012

Creek To Creek

General Samuel D Sturgis
The Battle of Mossy Creek was fought December 29th 1863 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Union Brigadier General Samuel D Sturgis’ troops were camped near Talbott’s Station on the Mossy Creek, when he received reports of  Confederate Cavalry camped on the south side of the creek near Dandridge.  Sturgis decided to try to capture this cavalry by sending a portion of his force toward Dandridge.  Shortly after this half of Sturgis troops left on the morning December 29th 1863 Confederate Major General William T Martin’s cavalry moved from Morristown, Tennessee along Panther Creek and attacked the Union men who were left near Talbott’s Station.

Sturgis’ men fell back toward Mossy Creek, while he sent messages to recall the half of his men sent to Dandridge.  Martin’s troopers continued to drive the Union soldiers in their front.  At about 3 pm Sturgis’ other half arrived, and with these extra men the Union drove the Confederates out of Mossy Creek, pushing them back to Panther Creek.

Sturgis didn’t follow up the pursuit.  Martin continued his retreat towards Morristown, where they went into winter camp.  The Union side reported about 151 casualties.  Confederate casualties are unknown.

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