Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Independent Battery

The 26th Ohio Independent Battery, made up of men from the 32nd Ohio Infantry, was organized as a distinct battery on December 22nd 1863.

The battery was organized August 1861 as Company “F” of the 32nd Ohio Infantry at Camp Dennison in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They were detached under the command of Captain Theobold D Yost; when they were captured at Harper's Ferry September 15th 1862.  During the Vicksburg Campaign the unit was known as the Yost’s Independent Ohio Battery.  They were permanently detached from the 32nd on December 22nd 1863.

The men of the 26th Ohio Battery mustered out of Union service on September 2nd 1865 in Columbus, Ohio.  They lost 22 men during service all dying from disease.

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cclauson said...

Every so often I search for my great great grandfather, Theobald D. Yost. I was pleasantly surprised to see your post about the Independent Battery which played a role in the siege of Vicksburg. Thank you.