Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Small Hold In Missouri

The Battle of Clark’s Mill was fought November 7th 1862 in Douglas County, Missouri.

Union Captain Hiram E Barstow the commander at Clark’s Mill received intelligence that there were Confederate troops in his area.  He sent a unit toward Gainesville, while he moved with another unit toward the southeast.  Barstow’s group met a small Confederate force led by Colonel John Q Burbridge and they had a short skirmish.  Learning another Confederate unit commanded by Colonel Colton Greene was approaching from the north Barstow moved his men back to Clark’s Mill.  The Union troops opened up artillery and began a five hour fight with the approaching Confederates.  After five hours of fighting, the Confederates demanded Barstow surrender.  As the Union Captain was out numbered he accepted the terms.

After paroling the Union troops the Confederates burned the blockhouse at Clark’s Mill.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Battle of Clark's Mill is a good place to start.

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