Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Part Of Memphis' Defenses

The Memphis Battery Light Artillery which would be part of the Union 1st Tennessee Battery was mustered into service on October 31st 1863 at Memphis, Tennessee.

The Memphis Battery Light Artillery was made up of black men and was organized in Memphis, Tennessee.  They mustered into Union service for three years under the command of Captain Carl A Lamberg on October 31st 1863.  The Memphis Light was attached to the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery Regiment as Battery M.  A part of the 5th Division of the XVI Corps until January 1864, when they became part of the 1st Colored Brigade.

The regiment performed garrison duty in Memphis until April 1864.  One section of the Memphis Light was sent to Fort Pillow on February 15th 1864 where during the assault on the fort they manned two 6 pound James Rifles.  Almost every man from the 35 man detachment was either killed or listed as missing after Confederate Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest took the fort on April 12th 1864.  The next action the Memphis Light saw was in the Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads, where the unit had to abandon a section of guns that they spiked before leaving the field.

They were still part of the defenses of the city of Memphis, Tennessee until December 1864.  The men of the Memphis Light mustered out of service on December 11th 1865.

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