Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Of The First Veteran's Monuments

Josiah F Peck and James G Batterson reached an agreement on October 16th 1865 to place a monument in Bristol, Connecticut for the town’s veterans.

A committee was formed in 1865, under the suggestion of Josiah F Peck Sr, known as the Bristol Soldier’s Monument Committee.  The purpose was to raise money to create a memorial to its veterans.  It was decided that all of the town’s 3500 residences should donate one dollar towards the Monuments creation.  The committee also set up a subcommittee to organize a Strawberry Festival to raise additional funds.  On October 16th 1865 Peck reached an agreement with James G Batterson; a cemetery memorial salesman from Hartford, Connecticut, to furnish and set up the Soldiers’ Monument in Bristol.

The Monument was to be six feet wide at the base, and thirty-five feet high.  It was to be made out of Brown Portland Stone, quarried in Portland, Connecticut.  There was to be an inscription for the soldiers from Bristol who had fought and died in the late war to save the Union.  At the top of the Monument, facing east is an eagle carved out of the brownstone.  It is located in the West Cemetery, on the highest hill in the cemetery.

If you would like to see more about the Bristol Soldiers’ Monument  This is a good web site.

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