Thursday, June 21, 2012

Without A Loss

The Battle of Simmon’s Bluff fought June 21st 1862 near Meggett, South Carolina, produced no casualties.

Charleston, South Carolina had been placed under a siege by Union troops, the only supplies coming in on a local railroad.  The 55th Pennsylvania under the command of Lieutenant A C Rhind, were sent amphibiously on June 21st 1862, coming on shore near Simmon’s Bluff at  Wadmelaw Sound with orders to cut the Charleston & Savannah Railroad.  The 55th quickly came upon the camp of the 16th South Carolina under the command of Colonel James McCullough and engaged the Confederate soldiers.  The Confederates scattered without putting up any kind of a fight.

After this short encounter the Union troops gave up on the railroad and returned to their ship.

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