Wednesday, June 20, 2012

African American Artillery

The First Alabama Siege Artillery made up of African American was raised in Tennessee and Mississippi and was mustered into service June 20th 1863.

The First Siege Artillery a regiment made up of men of African American descent was raised in Corinth, Mississippi, LaFayette, LaGrange and Memphis, Tennessee.  They were mustered into Union service on June 20th 1863.  The regiment renamed on March 11th 1864 as the 6th United States Colored Heavy Artillery.  They were placed under the command of Major Lionel F Booth on March 18th 1864.

The 6th were sent to Fort Pillow.  The fort was attacked on April 12th 1864 by about 3,000 Confederate troops.  Booth was shot by a sniper and killed early in the fighting.  Command of the 6th fell to Captain Charles Epeneter who was also wounded.  The 6th’s guns weren’t effective as the Confederates stormed the fort as the guns couldn’t be depressed enough to fire on them.

Following the Battle of Fort Pillow, those members of the 6th who survived were moved into the 11th United States Colored Troops.

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