Tuesday, March 6, 2012

They Defended The Tallahassee

On March 6th 1865 the Battle of Natural Bridge was fought near Tallahassee in the town of Woodville, Florida.

Union Major General John Newton moved a force against Confederate troops in the Cedar Keys and Fort Myers area.  The Union Navy was supposed to also engage the Confederates, but they couldn’t get up the St Marks River.  Newton’s men however advanced and just before sunrise on March 6th 1865 approached the river at the Natural Bridge.

The Union troops pushed the Confederates under Brigadier General William Miller, but couldn’t move them away from the bridge.  Miller’s soldiers; made up mostly of old men and teenagers from the nearby Florida Military and Collegiate Institute [now Florida State University], had built and were protecting the breastworks defending the approaches to the Natural Bridge.  The Battle at Natural Bridge went on for most of the day and the Confederates stood up to three charges.

Newton’s men retreated back to the safety of the Navy.  This battle kept the Union from capturing the Florida State capital of Tallahassee.  The Union saw heavy casualties of 148 men, while the Confederates only lost 26.

For more information check this web site, The Defense of Tallahassee

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