Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Run Up River

Union Admiral David Farragut tried to run his fleet by the batteries at Port Hudson March 14th 1863.

Around eleven on the night of March 14th 1863, Union Admiral David Farragut ran his fleet of seven ships by the Port Hudson batteries.  Hoping to get his ships up the river and block Confederate river traffic on the Red River.  It brought on a three hour battle between the Union ships and Confederate batteries.  Five of the Union ships were disabled, with the USS Mississippi being run aground, burned and abandoned. The remaining two Union ships the USS Hartford which was Farragut’s flagship, and the USS Albatross made it through with some damage.

The two remaining ships were able to stop Confederate re-supply of Port Hudson by the Red River.

If you’re interested in knowing more Farragut's Run at Port Hudson is a good place to start.

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