Monday, June 6, 2011

Slowing Them Up

Joseph Mower
A delaying battle in the Chicot County, Arkansas area fought June 6th 1864 the Battle of Old River Lake was a stalemate.

Early in June 1864 Union Brigadier General Joseph Mower was given orders to move toward Lake Village by Major General Andrew Jackson Smith. In the early morning hours of June 6th 1864 Mower marched his troops on Lake Village. The Union troops were confronted by Confederates who would shoot at them then pull back into cover. The Confederates continued this movement until they reached Red Leaf where Confederate Colonel Colton Green was encampment. With Green’s soldiers and artillery the Confederates continued to delay the Union advance. Finally the Confederate’s cut off fighting and withdrew to Parker’s Landing.

The Union force then advanced to Lake Village. They bivouacked there over night before meeting back up with Union ships at Columbia on the Mississippi. Union troops saw about 180 casualties while the Confederates took about 100.

A web site for more information about this battle is Engagement at Old River Lake

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