Sunday, June 12, 2011

Acting With Courage

The USS Corypheus a schooner was assigned duty off the coast of Texas June 12th 1862.

The Confederate yacht Corypheus was captured in Bayou Bonfuca, Louisiana May 13th 1862. The United States Navy assigned her to tender duty for the USS Arthur off the coast of Texas June 12th 1862 under Master AT Spear. The Corypheus took part in the capture of the schooner CSS Breaker off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas August 12th 1862. Returning to Aransas Bay she captured the CSS Water Witch a blockade runner. The Corypheus arrived at Galveston, Texas and took part in the Battle of Sabine Pass on January 1st 1863, fighting through heavy fire at the Union forces pulled back. Union Admiral David G Farragut wrote of the Corypheus’ crew acting with courage, protecting the soldiers on shore. She next moved to Lake Pontchartrain where she stopped blockade runners crossing between coastal waters and New Orleans. The Corypheus finished duty around Mobile, Alabama. She was sold September 15th 1865.

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