Monday, June 20, 2011

Brother, Brother-in-Law, Generals

Union Army General Charles Ewing and foster brother of William Tecumseh Sherman died June 20th 1893.

Charles Ewing was born March 6th 1835 the son of Thomas Ewing, the United States Interior Secretary. He received an education at the Dominican College and the University of Virginia, where he studied law. Ewing was practicing law in St Louis, Missouri when the Civil War broke out.

In 1861 Ewing received a commission in the 13th infantry as Captain under his brother-in-law William T Sherman. He was wounded at the Battle of Vicksburg while placing the company flag on the Confederate fort. He received brevets for his actions at Jackson, Missionary Ridge and the Atlanta campaign. Ewing was made Brigadier General of volunteers March 8th 1865.

After the end of the war Ewing resigned his commission in 1867 and returned to law, practicing in Washington, DC. In 1874 he served as the Catholic Commissioner for Indian Missions. He died in Washington, DC June 20th 1883.

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