Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Loss Of A Ship

The Confederate ship the CSS Georgiana, a iron hulled steamer, was lost to the Confederacy March 19th 1863.

The CSS Georgiana was an iron hulled propeller steamer. She could hold fourteen guns and four hundred tons of cargo. Built in 1862 in Glasgow Scotland, she was a very swift vessel. She was outfitted in Charleston, South Carolinia with guns, officers and 140 men.

The Georgiana was attempting a run past the Union Blockading Squadron and into Charleston, South Carolina. She was spotted by the USS America the yacht of America’s Cup racing fame. As the Georgiana was chased she came so close to the USS Wissahickon that her crew could hear orders being given. She was hit with solid shot which did damage to her rudder and propeller, the shot passing through her hull. The Georgiana’s Captain A B Davidson signaled for a surrender, then used the time to beach the ship, scuttle her, and give the crew time to escape.

The commandeer of the USS Wissahickon, Lieutenant Commander John L Davis had the wreck of the Georgiana set a fire, to keep the Confederates from salvaging any of her cargo. She burned for days, complemented by explosions of powder.

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