Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Life Time In The Sadle

Union Cavalry officer and Medal of Honor recipent Abraham Kerns Arnold was born March 24th 1837.

Abraham Kerns Arnold was born March 24th 1837 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1859. He was sent to the Western frontier where he was stationed at Fort Inge in the cavalry. Following the start of the Civil War Arnold was assigned to command the 5th United States Cavalry and promoted to Captain on July 12th 1862. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery “by a gallant charge against a superior force of the enemy, extricated his command from a perilous position in which it had been ordered" May 10th 1864 at the Battle of Davenport Bridge in Virginia. Arnold received a brevet to Major after the Battle of Todd’s Tavern, Virginia May 7th 1864.

Arnold stayed in the service after the war ended, where he was promoted to full Major in the 6th United State Regular Cavalry. Sent back out West, Arnold saw action in the Indian Wars, including the Battle of Cibecue in 1881 and the Expedition Against the Crow in 1887. Twenty-nine years after the battle at Davenport Bridge his Medal was awarded him September 1st 1893. He accepted a field commission during the Spanish - American War of Brigadier General where he led the 2nd United States Division of the 7th Army Corps in Cuba. Arnold would end his military career March 25th 1901 as the Colonel of the 1st United States Cavalry. He died November 3rd 1901 in Cold Springs - on - the - Hudson, New York. Arnold is buried in the Cemetery of Saint Philip’s Church in Garrison, New York.

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