Friday, March 18, 2011

Lieutenant Commander

United States Naval officer Andrew Boyd Cummings was killed in action March 18th 1863.

Andrew Boyd Cummings was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 22nd 1830. While at the Naval Academy Cummings was appointed to midshipman April 1847. He left the Naval Academy the next year for active duty on the USS Brandywine, before returning to the school in 1852. Cummings was assigned to the steamer USS Fulton and promoted to the ranks of Master and Lieutenant September 1855. He joined the steam sloop the USS Richmond in 1859 as part of the her Mediterranean deployment until 1861.

Cummings served during the Civil War as part of Admiral David Farragut’s West Gulf Blockading Squadron. He served with distinction as Executive Office of the USS Richmond. They were part of the capture of New Orleans in April 1862. Commended for his performance, Cummings was promoted July 1862 to Lieutenant Commander. He was wounded in an attempt to pass the batteries at Vicksburg, Mississippi on March 14th 1863. Cummings died a few day later in New Orleans, Louisiana from those wounds March 18th 1863. He is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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