Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home At The End

Confederate General John King Jackson was born February 2nd 1828.

John King Jackson was born February 2nd 1828 in Augusta, Georgia. He started school at Richmond Academy in Georgia. Jackson completed his education; graduating with honors, at the University of South Carolina. He was admitted to the bar in 1848, and had a law practice in Augusta, Georgia until 1861. Jackson was active in the Georgia State Militia, and by 1861 he was a Lieutenant Colonel.

In April 1861 Jackson joined the Confederate Army. He became a Lieutenant Colonel in the 5th Georgia Infantry, and quickly moved up in rank to Colonel. Jackson first saw action in the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Santa Rosa Island in Florida. He received a promotion to Brigadier General and the command of a brigade on January 14th 1862. On March 29th 1862 he was moved to command a brigade in the Army of Mississippi, which he led during the Battle of Shiloh. Next would be the Battle of Stones River. Jackson and his men fought with distention at the Battle of Chickamauga September 20th 1863, where one his regiments lost 61% of its men. He and his brigade were involved in the Atlanta Campaign. Jackson ended the war in his home town of Augusta, Georgia where he was serving by setting up military depots. He was paroled May 17th 1865.

Following the war Jackson returned to his law practice. He developed pneumonia while traveling in Milledgevill, Baldwin, Georgia. Jackson died February 27th 1866 and is buried in Augusta, Georgia.

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