Saturday, May 15, 2010

Laid To Rest

Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was laid to rest on May 15th 1863.

While reconnoitering during the battle of Chancellorsville on May 2nd 1863 Confederate General Thomas Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot. He was shot by “friendly fire” coming from the 18th North Carolina Infantry. Hit in the arm; Jackson was taken to a field hospital on the battlefield, and his left arm was amputated. He was moved to the home of Thomas and Mary Chandler about thirty miles from the battlefield on May 4th 1863. Although Jackson’s wound was healing well, pneumonia set in and he died on May 10th 1863. His funeral was held in Lexington Virginia where his home had been while he was a Professor at Virginia Military Institute on May 15th 1863. Cadets of VMI carried his body into his old classroom where he lay state while a battery fired salutes. He was buried in the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery. Jackson’s wife Mary Anna Morrison Jackson never remarried.

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