Sunday, May 16, 2010

The GOP Choice

United States Representative Abraham Lincoln was nominated at the National Republican Convention May 16th 1860.

At the second ever National Convention of the Republican Party held on May 16th 1860 at the Wigwam in Chicago Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for President of the United States. Senator Hannibal Hamlin of Maine was nominated for Vice President. This convention is notable as every person who was nominated would eventually become a member of Lincoln’s cabinet, including William H Seward of New York, Simon Cameron of Pennsylvania, Salmon P Chase of Ohio and Edward Bates of Missouri. It took three votes before Lincoln received enough votes to get the conformation, finally happening on May 18th 1860. The final count was 364 votes out of 466 votes cast.

The Lincoln / Hamlin ticket defeated three other tickets in 1860’s election.

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