Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Barbarism

United States Senator Charles Sumner delivered a speech on June 4th 1860 entitled “The Barbarism of Slavery”.

United States Senator Charles Sumner had been missing from the Senate Chambers for four years, after having been beaten almost to death by South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks.  The speech titled “The Barbarism of Slavery” delivered on June 4th 1860 was the last speech made in Congress before the Civil War, and until emancipation was discussed.  It was covered in its entirety in the leading newspapers, as well as being issued in several pamphlets.

If you wish to read the speech it can be found at The barbarism of slavery: speech of Hon. Charles Sumner


Seeker said...

Wait, I see this speech by Sumner now, Barbarism. Thanks, I didn't know about that.

Im sure most people know how vile slavery was -- even Robert E Lee had slave girls whipped (yes he did).

I already know how vile slavery is, another powerful account wont make me hate it any less, or despise the scum that tried to spread it like Davis and Atchison, by force and treachery no less. Yeah, imagine that, slave owners using force and treachery, didn't we learn they were all lovely god fearing men?

By the way, here is a blog about Lee's torture of slave girls, and dirty letters.

LivingInVermont said...

As they say there are two sides to every story, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.