Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Killed In Thier First Fight

Confederate Colonel Jeremiah Morrill Clough was killed during the Battle of Fort Donelson February 15th 1862.

Jeremiah Morrill Clough the son of Joseph and Mehetable was born June 28th 1819 in Canterbury, New Hampshire.  He practiced law and fought in the Mexican American War.  Clough married Louisa Van Zandt in 1850 and they settled in Marshall, Texas.

Clough enlisted at the start of the Civil War as a private in the Texas Volunteers on May 1st 1861.  They became the Confederate 7th Texas Infantry October 4th 1861.  On November 10th 1861 Clough was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  The first action that 7th was involved in was the Battle of Fort Donelson in Dover, Tennessee.  Clough was killed leading his troops during the fight on February 15th 1862.

Clough was buried behind the Female academy in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Latter his body was moved to the Greenwood Cemetery.

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