Friday, February 3, 2012

A Back Up Battle

The Battle of Dover was fought February 3rd 1863 in Steward County, Tennessee.

Confederate Major General Joseph Wheeler took two brigades of cavalry to the Cumberland River, to try to disrupt shipping near Palmyra.  Union troops caught wind of the plan and stopped sending boats up the river.  So with the original plan fouled, Wheeler’s men attacked the Union garrison at Dover, Tennessee.

Wheeler’s soldiers began moving on Dover about 2 am on February 3rd 1863.  The Union garrison of about 800 troops was under the command of Colonel Abner C Harding.  Harding had placed his men around town, digging rifle pits and installing battery emplacements.  The Confederates attacked using heavy artillery, but the well dug in Union troops repulsed them.  As the day came to a close both side were about out of ammunition.  The Union side had lost about 126 men, while the Confederates had casualties on about 670.

Wheeler decided to withdraw his cavalry.  This left the Union in control of Middle Tennessee.

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