Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Third State

Florida joined two other southern states January 10th 1861, when they seceded from the Union.

A convention of delegate from around Florida met in Tallahassee early in January 1861, to deliberate on whether Florida should seceded from the United States.  The State Governor, Madison Starke Perry and the Governor elect John Milton both supported secession.

After days of debate the delegates voted on January 10th 1861, sixty two to seven for Florida to break away from the United States.  The next day a public ceremony was held on the capital steps, where the Ordinance of Secession was formally signed.  There were local celebrations once news of the event got around.

Florida was the third southern state to leave to Union.  She sent three men; James Patton Anderson, Jackson Morton and James Byeram Owens to the 1861-62 Provisional Confederate Congress at Montgomery, Alabama, and then in Richmond, Virginia.

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