Friday, December 23, 2011

With Sabers Drawn

An engagement in Madison County, Alabama, the Affair at Indian Creek Ford on December 23rd 1864, was a small cavalry tousle.

Parts of the Union 10th and 13th Indiana Cavalry and the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry under the command of Lieutenant Colonel W F Prosser were in Madison County, Alabama on a very cold December 23rd 1864.  They found and attacked a Confederate force of about 300 dismounted cavalry under the command of Colonel J R B Burtwell.  The Union troopers charged the Confederates with sabers drawn.  Burtwell and his men made a disorganized retreat.

Prosser lost 4 men, 1 killed and 3 wounded.  The Confederates had 54 wounded and captured, and unknown number of fatalities.

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