Saturday, November 20, 2010

Renewing The Pride Of The Nation

On November 20th 1861, 70,000 Union troop participated in a Grand Review at Bailey’s Crossroad Virginia.

Bailey’s Crossroad located on the Leesburg Pike in Falls Church Virginia was the location of a Grand Review of Union Troops held November 20th 1861 for President Abraham Lincoln. Following the Union Army’s loss at the Battle of First Manassas July 1861, Lincoln appointed Major General George B McClellan to command the army. McClellan was a good organizer and he quickly rebuilt the army. On November 20th 1861 McClellan held a formal military review planning to renew the pride of the nation and the army. The army paraded in front of Lincoln, his cabinet, other dignitaries and around 25,000 spectators. The troops included seven divisions, seven regiments of cavalry, and twenty batteries of artillery.

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