Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fight For Bull's Gap

The Battle of Bull’s Gap in the Hamblen and Green counties Tennessee area happened November 11th through November 13th 1864.

Confederate Major General John C Breckinridge made an expedition in November 1864 from Virginia into Tennessee, for supplies and to drive the Union out of the area. Union commander Brigadier General Alvan C Gillem advanced beyond Greenville, but ran up against a large Confederate force. The Union troops fell back on November 10th 1864 to Bull’s Gap southeast of Whitesburg to protect the lines of the Knoxville and Virginia Railroad.

The Confederates attacked on the morning of November 11th 1864, but were repulsed. Artillery fire was continues through out the day. On the mornings of November 12th and 13th both sides attacked, but neither gained much ground. The Union finding themselves short on ammunition withdrew toward Russellville around midnight. Breckinridge chased the Union troops, connecting with them and causing a rout. Gillem was saved by the timely arrival of reinforcements and bad weather.

The Confederates could claim a victory in the Battle of Bull’s Gap. The Confederate casualties are unknown, but the Union side lost 241 wounded or killed.

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