Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A State Holiday

The movie “Gone With the Wind” premiered December 15th 1939 in Atlanta Georgia.

December 15th 1939 was the culmination of a three day celebration for the premier of the movie “Gone With The Wind” in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Mayor William B Hartsfield hosted receptions and a parade with the stars of the film riding in limousines, past thousands of Confederate flags. Georgia Governor Eurith D Rivers declared December 15th to be a state holiday. Years later President Jimmy Carter would say it was “the biggest event to happen in the South in my lifetime."

Due to “Jim Crow” laws however, the black actors in the film; like Hattie McDaniel, were not allowed to attend the premier. When Clark Gable learned that these actors were being barred from the theater he threatened to boycott the event, but McDaniel talked him into attending.

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