Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Arsenal Fell Into Southern Hands

The Federal Arsenal at Charleston South Carolina fell into Rebel hands on December 30th 1860.

The Untied State Arsenal at Charleston South Carolina, known as the Charleston Arsenal was taken by South Carolina state militia on December 30th 1860. The arsenal was built in 1841 near where Ashley Ave and Mill Street met in Charleston. The arsenal was used to produce artillery and small arms ammunition for the Mexican American War and thur until the Civil War. Once South Carolina seceded the arsenal became a target, and after seizing it the arsenal was held for much the war by the Confederates. It was used as a barracks for the 26th South Carolina and other Confederate troops. The arsenal was retaken by Union troops when Charleston fell in 1865.

In 1866 the US Government turned the 11 acre site into a Federal Military Reservation. It was sold in 1888 to the Porter Military Academy. In 1963 the site became part of the Medical University of South Carolina.

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