Thursday, August 13, 2009

FourWomen Died

A Union jail holding women suspected of helping Confederate Gorillas collapsed on August 13th 1863.

A three story building known as the Longhorn Store and Tavern located in Kansas City Missouri, was being used as a prison to hold women thought to be Confederate sympathizers. Union authorities were being frustrated by guerrilla fighters in the area. They began to arrest women in the area thought to be spying and supplying the Confederates. Among the women being held at the make sift prison were the sisters of “Bloody” Bill T Anderson, including 14 year old Josephine who was killed in the collapse. It collapsed on August 13th 1863 killing four. The cause of the collapse seems to have been structural flaws; although some believed it was caused intentionally by Federal soldiers. The building was only seven years old at the time.

Most feel that this prison collapse was the cause of the latter raid on Lawrence Kansas on August 21st 1863.

Another good web site to look at on this subject
In Memory Of Sisters Susan Crawford Vandever, Armenia Crawford Selvey and the others who perished in the collapse of the Union Jail in Kansas City

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