Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking For Shoes

Brigadier General James J Pettigrew marched into Gettysburg PA on June 30th 1863 in search of shoes.

James J Pettigrew who was in command of a brigade in General Henry Heth’s division was ordered to march to Gettysburg PA to investigate a report of supplies located in the town. As he approached to town using the Chambersburg Pike; from Seminary Ridge about 10am, Pettigrew saw Union Cavalry on McPherson’s Ridge. As Robert E Lee had given orders not to engage the enemy, he retreated and reported to the sighting to Heth and General AP Hill.

Heth didn’t believe the men Pettigrew had seen were Union Regulars, but only Pennsylvania Militia. The next day AP Hill sent Henry Heth’s division with the support of Dorsey Pender’s into Gettysburg, where they were met by Buford’s Union Cavalry and John Reynolds’ corp. Heth would be wounded during the battle and command of the division would pass the Pettigrew.

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