Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Stonewall Fell

The Battle of Chancellorsville saw the last charge ever made by General Thomas Stonewall Jackson. It was there on May 2nd 1863 that he was accidentally shot during a nighttime reconnoiter by one of his own soldiers. The shooter was an unknown member of the 18th North Carolina Infantry. Major John D Barry gave the order to fire, and many of his soldiers fired at the same time.

Jackson would have to have his left arm amputated under chloroform. On becoming conscious following the surgery Jackson told Captain James Smith "I have always thought it wrong to administer chloroform in cases where there is a probability of immediate death. It was the most delightful physical sensation I ever experienced. I seem to remember the most delightful music that ever greeted my ears, but I should dislike above all things to enter eternity in such a condition." It was felt at the time that he would recover. Stonewall died from pneumonia eight days latter in a field hospital near Guiney Station VA.

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