Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Was Just A Little Town

As a part of the Vicksburg campaign, Union General Ulysses S Grant sent Major General James B McPherson to capture Jackson, Mississippi.

Union Major General McPherson was sent with 12,000 troops towards the town of Raymond, Mississippi, which is fifteen miles from Jackson Mississippi. Early on the morning of May 12th 1863 the Union soldiers ran into a brigade of about 3,000 Confederates under the command of General John Gregg. The two armies were separated only by a small stream known as Fourteen Mile Creak. McPherson sent one division led by General John A Logan against the Confederates. Logan’s men were pushed back after heated battle. McPherson brought up another division and made a counterattack. The fight went on until about 2pm. Gregg could see he was outnumbered, and managed to disengage his troop and retreat toward Jackson.

The losses were high on both sides. The Confederates having 72 killed, 252 wounded, and 190 missing. The Union loosing 66 killed, 339 wounded and 37 missing.

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