Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fighting Over the Mountain

Forces lead by Confederate Colonel Edward Johnson occupied the summit of Allegheny Mountain in Pocahontas Co,Virginia [now West Virginia] on December 13th 1861, to defend the Staunton Parkersburg Pike.

On the morning of December 13th 1861, Union troops under the leadership of Brigadier General Robert Milroy attacked the Confederates holding the pass. With each side maneuvering for advantage, the fighting went on through out the morning. The Union troops were finally repulsed by a artillery battery and Milroy’s men retreated to Green Spring Run near Cheat Mountain. There were an estimated 137 Union, and 146 Confederate casualties.

The end of the year found Confederate Colonel Edward Johnson with five regiments still in Camp Allegheny on the mountain top, were they suffered through the winter weather until April 1862.

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