Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't Split Your Troops

In Jefferson Co, TN in December 29th 1863 the minor battle of Mossy Creek occurred. While camped at Mossy Creek and Talbott‘s Station, Union Brigadier General Samuel D Sturgis received a report that Confederate Cavalry had set up camp to the south near Dandridge. Sturgis sent a portion of his troops out towards Dandrige, and just a short time after they departed Major General William T Martin the commander of Lieutenant General James Longstreet’s cavalry attacked the remaining force at Talbott’s Station at about 9 am.

The Union troops fell back slowly toward Mossy Creek, and sent messages to the force that was heading to Dandridge to return promptly. The Rebel continued to advance on Mossy Creek and the Federal troops there. About 3pm the force from Dandridge returned to Mossy Creek and turned the tide of the battle, driving the Confederates back towards Talbott’s Station and Panther Creek. The Union did not pursue that night. General Martin retreated from the area and spent the rest of the winter in the Morristown area.

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