Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not Hill's Finest Day

October 14th 1863 found General Robert E Lee’s soldiers destroying the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.

Confederate General Ambrose Powell Hill’s Corp stumbled onto a couple of retreating Corps of Union forces near the Bristoe Station, that he believed was the end of Union General George Gordon Meade‘s army. Hill reinforced his line, but still didn’t make any ground against Union troops. The Union army was withdrawing toward Manassas, with Meade carefully protecting his western flank. Lee’s offensive at Bristoe had petered out, with Meade well entrenched and the Confederates running low on supplies. Lee pulled back slowly toward the Rappahannock River and tore up the Orange and Alexandria Railroad as they left the area. For the Confederate forces it was a costly battle, with their losses being 1,300 to the Union’s 546. Hill lost standing with his commanding officer after battle with responsibility for the high losses of men being placed on him.

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