Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Oh My

On October 15 1864 while on a march across Missouri, Major General Sterling Price sent a detachment of men to take a Federal storehouse located in Glasgow, Missouri.

Glasgow, Missouri was said to hold a depot of weapons, and supplies, and on the morning of October 15th 1864, a combined unknown number of Confederate mounted infantry, cavalry, and artillery attacked the town. With the artillery firing and rebel troops advancing on Glasgow, the Union troops there, numbering about 800 strong fell back to fortifications located on Hereford Hill.  Here they formed a line of defense. Union Colonel Chester Harding became sure that his line could not withhold another attack, and he surrendered around 1:30 in the afternoon. Harding’s men had destroyed some of the stores, but the Confederates left town three days latter with rifles, overcoats and horses. This victory gave Price’s men a much needed boost in morale.

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